Train, Maintain & Run
GPT models on your
private / enterprise data
5X cheaper than cloud GPUs
With a no-code / low-code AI platform, where you can train LLM models
on your private data and unlock the power of AI with our easy-to-use API
Deploy LLMs as API endpoints
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Why Baltoro?
Everybody knows that there is risk in new technology projects. With turnkey models Baltoro eliminates the risk.
We empower businesses to leverage the power of AI without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Our no-code/low-code environment makes it easy for you to train LLM models using your own data.

With our API, you can seamlessly integrate your custom trained models into your workflow, and unlock valuable insights that help you make better business decisions.

Join us today and experience the next level of ML/AI-driven innovation.
Unlock the power of your data
Get your private / enterprise data trained quickly and easily with our pre-trained base LLM models and deliver a customized, unique experience to your customers and drive business growth with our API.
Quickly and efficiently take a foundation LLM and start training with your own data to have more accuracy for your domain and workload. This also gives you control to govern the data used for training.
Most models will be trained more than once, so having the training data on the same ML platform will become crucial for both performance and cost. As your data evolves overtime continue to retrain the models.
Embed AI-first experience across use cases in you business application using our API to access the models trained on your data. With AI-first stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation in your industry.
Discover our ML/AI Ops Platform
Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do business, and with our ML/AI Ops, you can stay ahead of the curve as our platform is designed to help you unleash the full potential of your data.
simplified LLM training
Low-code / no-code platform where you can train your data on base LLMs easily. The platform offers functionality for unsupervised and supervised training to fine-tune LLMs and APIs to bring power of AI to your business applications.
No-Code MLOps
advanced AI/ML platform
Fully-managed serverless Apache Spark that handles smart workload distribution across CPUs and GPUs and eliminates the hassles of slow launch times and time-consuming system configuration.
Pyspark notebooks
Hear it from our customers
Customer Avatar
Rick Nguyen

"Baltoro has the full feature-set that we need as a serverless platform and the support team guided us throughout our transition. We trust them with building our models, as well. Baltoro is a truly predictable, cost-effective solution to our scaling computing needs."

Customer Avatar
Philippe Poelaert

"We chose Baltoro as it’s a high-performance platform equipped with parallelization, which allowed us to reduce costs for processing large videos. The team came with a well-fit solution built on its hassle-free managed environment. The platform helps us to sustain our competitive edge."

Customer Avatar
Melih Erdurcan
BI and Data Science Associate Director

"Baltoro is an outstanding data scientist friendly platform that all of our teams prefer. The integrations and API feature performs remarkably in our multi-cloud setting. By just connecting the data and code, we are ready for a new project thanks to lightening fast cluster startup and all managed Spark-ready GPUs. Infrastructure configuration is no more a technical challenge."

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Train, maintain & run GPT models on your private/enterprise data